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Using Emotional Intelligence to Build a Sustainable Workforce

April 5, 2022

Speaker: Merideth Erickson, PhD, Area Director, Caregiver, Inc.


Leaders should utilize their emotional intelligence skills to be successful in recruiting, engaging, and retaining their workforce. In this session, we'll explore the importance of emotional intelligence as well as how to use these skills to create a work environment that encourages employees to reach their goals.

Emotional intelligence makes organizations and the people who work for them better. It contributes to establishing organizational values, puts human qualities front and center, and helps to influence corporate culture by working on the personal qualities of employees and managers. Emotional intelligence also plays a crucial role in leadership development, including "soft skills" like reliability, adaptability, conflict resolution, flexibility, creativity, ethics, and cultural intelligence. Most importantly, EQ has both a direct and indirect impact on the success of your organization.

In this session, we'll explore what exactly emotional intelligence is and why this skill is essential for effective leadership. We'll also dive into how EQ can be applied to your business operations to reduce turnover, improve recruiting, enhance financial sustainability, and build a sustainable workforce.



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