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Embracing A Growth Mindset: How to Strengthen Your Organization by Implementing a Culture of Learning

April 5, 2022


Rola D. Aamar, PhD, Senior Clinical Effectiveness Consultant, Relias

Leigh Steiner, PhD, Partner, Behavioral Health Solutions, Relias


Anecdotal stories of understaffing and high attrition rates in the healthcare workforce have dominated the discussion among leaders across the healthcare field. And the Great Resignation has pushed many in the healthcare workforce to reevaluate the priorities and needs of their professional lives. Recent data suggests that healthcare resignations increased by almost 4% across the healthcare sector (HBR, 2021).

These trends require healthcare leaders and supervisors to examine what they are doing to train and retain quality staff who continue to be passionate about the care they provide. In this presentation, we will explore how recruiting, training, and retaining quality is best accomplished by creating an aspirational culture of learning. We will discuss the necessity of cultivating a culture that encourages learning and development beyond compliance and how leaders can promote this culture by engaging staff in topics they are passionate about. Finally, we will share strategies for success in moving from a compliance-centered education strategy to a continuous learning environment.

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