How Position Management Software Improves & Simplifies Organization

Position management software looks specifically at the positions within your organization, focusing on the attributes of the position, such as job title, pay range, position number, department, and more. This method of looking at positions independent of your employees can offer many benefits for planning and creating your organizational structure while making sure you’re budgeting effectively. 

Defining Position Management and Position Control

Position Control and position management are similar terms that are very often used interchangeably. While they are similar in their focus on the position versus the employee, there are key differences that are important to note. And this distinction can make a significant impact on how effective it is for your organization. 

Position Management Definition

Position management is typically offered as a module or separate element of an employee-based HR and Payroll system. This means that, while position management is focused on the characteristics of the positions themselves, it is still based on the employees currently at the organization. Therefore, any time a new hire is added, an employee is promoted, or someone chooses to leave the organization, the positions based on these employees may no longer exist. This means that position management is subject to all of the same limitations of an employee-based HR and Payroll system. 

The primary purpose of position management software is to define and manage position attributes for your specific organization. For traditional for-profit corporations, position management as part of an employee-based system may be sufficient in meeting their needs. However, human services organizations often have different and more complex organizational structures as well as specific reporting and budgeting needs. These organizations are better suited with Position Control, which goes beyond the capabilities of position management software.

Position Control as a Platform

Position Control is fundamentally different from position management software because it is not an add-on feature or an afterthought to an employee-based system. Instead, it makes up the basis of the entire HCM system, creating a framework of positions first rather than employees. This framework creates a stable structure of the organization, which then enables employees to populate the different positions. The employee simply inherits the characteristics assigned to the position, eliminating the rekeying of information each time an employee is added or moves to a different position. 

Do More with Position Control

Unlike position management software, Position Control lays the groundwork organizations need for better visibility, better budgeting, and better reporting, even as employees move through the organization. It allows for looking at budgeted versus actual costs, viewing open positions, and being able to prioritize hiring based on numbers like daily lost revenue. It also allows organizations to split employees between different positions or FTEs, allowing for the flexibility complex organizations need while still allowing for accurate time tracking and allocation. 

Historical data is also easier to track, as Position Control allows you to look back at the position’s history and any changes to the position over time. Meanwhile, the employee’s history is tied to the employee file, allowing this data to be analyzed and reported on separately as well. In addition to historical data, real-time reporting is also possible, as a Position Control system is fully unified to provide your organization with comprehensive data and serve as a single source of truth. Compared with position management software, Position Control is a much more robust and capable system that is particularly useful to the specific needs of health and human services organizations.

Unified HR and Payroll Software from DATIS

At DATIS, we offer an HR and Payroll platform that’s powered by Position Control. With a position-first framework, our software empowers organizations to better manage both their budgets and their employees so that they’re better able to achieve their mission. Our solution includes Recruiting, HR Management, Benefits Administration, Timekeeping, Payroll, Talent Management, and Business Intelligence to encompass all aspects of the employee lifecycle within a single system.

A Complete Position Control System

Our Position Control-based HR and Payroll solution goes beyond the limitations of position management software and is intentionally designed to meet the needs of health and human services organizations. If you’d like to see our solution in action, including how Position Control fits your organizational needs, contact us today for a brief demo.

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