What To Know About HR Solutions & Key Features

In the current economic climate, you need to know how to streamline your business. Using HR solutions offers an effective way to save your business time and money by making human resources management easy for your business.

What are HR Solutions?

HR solutions are a set of functional tools that automate human resources management. These tools streamline tedious but essential HR processes, making it easier to manage employees throughout their careers. 

Automating HR services reduces the burden on your other employees. This cost-effective software performs flawlessly every time. By removing the human element from many transactions, you reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings. 

The rise in productivity also makes it possible to scale down HR services departments, freeing your employees to perform more critical and strategic functions.

What are HR Services?

While HR solutions and HR services sound similar, they have key differences. Both have a valuable place in business today, and understanding their roles can create a more functional business. 

An HR Solutions Company Supports Your Workflow

HR solutions support your company’s internal processes. By using a set of time-saving tools and automation, the company improves its internal workflow. 

You retain more control with this option. As you take a more active role, HR solutions are a more cost-effective option.

An HR Services Company Takes Over the Functions

HR services typically refer to outsourcing employee management. The company hands over all the functions to their service provider. While it costs more, it also creates more time for your employees to focus on other tasks. 

What Do You Need for Seamless HR Solutions?

The best solution is one that works seamlessly for your company. With the numerous options on the market, organizations must take extra care to find a good match.

6 Areas to Consider in HR Solutions

Effective Employee Management

High-end software is scalable and makes it easy to handle a variety of tasks. A robust product lets you review timesheets, process payroll, manage performance, and perform many other functions effortlessly.

Self-Service Options 

Does your plan have a self-service option that allows employees to submit their timesheets, apply for leave, and perform other administrative tasks? This feature affords a level of customization and efficiency to streamline operations and takes some of the load off your HR department.

Intuitive Design

Having to assist employees with the system defeats the purpose of having it. Instead, look for an intuitive design that employees can learn quickly. For human services organizations, the design should also be able to accommodate the unique and complex operational structure of your organization.


Storing data in the cloud makes it easy for employees to access it wherever they are. If you employ a remote workforce, have multiple locations, or have employees working in the field, this function becomes essential. Cloud-based services have several other benefits as well, including: 

  • Scalability
  • Automatic updates
  • No installation on any business computers
  • No hardware taking up space on-site
  • Cost-effectiveness

Additionally, storing your employee data offsite offers an extra layer of protection against a breach. 

Easy Data Reconciliation

A comprehensive system makes it easy for employees to add data and for supervisors to check the data. Look for software that offers a range of reports so that you can see staffing requirements.

Automated Reminders

Distributing the employee newsletter, memos, and reminders about upcoming leave requests through an automated system means that everyone receives the message when they need it. Automation can also be particularly valuable for human services organizations for automatic credential management and regulatory compliance.

Find Out More About the ContinuumCloud Solution 

To find out how ContinuumCloud can streamline your HR processes through our unified HR and Payroll solution that’s tailored for health and human services organizations, schedule your customized demo online today. If you have questions about how our HR solutions can improve your business. 

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