Increase Workforce Visibility to Become Agile & Resilient

June 8, 2021 Kristen McPherson

Workforce visibility is essential for any strategic organization that wants to operate efficiently and maximize its resources. But many human services organizations don’t have the tools in place to enable this visibility. Over the last year, when many workforces went remote, workforce visibility became a top priority for leaders trying to keep tabs on their teams that were no longer physically present in the office.

Agility and Resilience at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay

During the Evolve3 Summit, Stephen Koch, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Tampa Bay, shared his journey, from becoming a Big Brother to joining the organization and becoming its CEO. In that time, he led the organization through several periods of difficulty, including the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 and issues with the national BBBS organization in 2012.

Now, over a year into the pandemic, BBBS of Tampa Bay again is innovating and finding new ways to turn challenges into opportunities. Like many organizations, they turned to remote work to continue offering their services. By coming together as a team and finding new ways to communicate and collaborate, they have been able to continue making Big-Little matches every month since. You can learn more about BBBS of Tampa Bay and its accomplishments in Stephen Koch’s session here.

In each of these instances, BBBS of Tampa Bay showed remarkable agility and resilience in an incredibly challenging time. While difficult decisions had to be made, they came through each situation stronger and better as a result. But what truly enabled these decisions to be made and for BBBS of Tampa Bay to push through these challenging times? Finding new and innovative ways to overcome challenges – resilience – as well as implementing these changes quickly and efficiently – agility – stems from a deep understanding of exactly how your organization runs.

Enabling Agility and Resilience at Your Organization

While you may be thinking you, too, know exactly how your organization runs, here’s a pop quiz for you. Which of your programs has been most successful over the past year? When was the last time you identified and corrected an inefficient process? What are the exact costs associated with each department within your organization?

If any of these questions gave you pause, you might not have the level of visibility into your workforce operations that you truly need. Being able to understand these costs and workflows across different organizational dimensions is essential for human services organizations with complex operations, especially when facing unexpected challenges. This visibility enables you to make informed decisions, knowing exactly what each area of your organization is capable of in the event that changes need to be made.

Enabling Visibility at Your Organization

Enabling visibility into your workforce operations is the first step in becoming a more agile and resilient organization. This requires accurate data collection and real-time reporting capabilities. In other words, you’re going to need to rely on technology to get the data you need, when you need it. With that information available, you’ll have the insight you need to become more proactive with your workforce operations and your goals of agility and resilience.

However, not all tech solutions will provide you with the visibility you’re looking for. Finding a solution that addresses your specific organizational needs and at a fundamental level is built for your operational processes is the first step. At DATIS, Part of the ContinuumCloud, providing that visibility for human services organizations is central to our solution. Our HR and payroll software is a completely unified platform that leverages Position Control to provide that visibility. By creating a position-based framework for your organization, our solution enables the visibility you need – even as employees move to different positions, work across various programs, or between departments.

Learn More about Position Control

Our unified HR and payroll solution is tailored to meet the needs of behavioral health and human services organizations. Powered by Position Control, our platform provides the tools you need to increase visibility and become more agile and resilient in times of change. Learn more about Position Control here.

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