Planning a Financially Sustainable Organization for Success in 2021

January 11, 2021 Kristen McPherson

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that preparing for financial uncertainty is the path forward into a better 2021. For a human services organization, ensuring financial sustainability means a number of things. Taking care of employee needs, operating in the most efficient manner, proactively addressing financial inefficiencies, and being able to make fast decisions and implement them quickly when the time calls for it. And while it may seem like a lot, staying on top of these dimensions is the key to ensuring a financially sustainable future for your organization in the new year and beyond.

From Reactive to Proactive

If organizations were forced to be reactive over the past year as they faced unexpected and unprecedented workforce challenges, 2021 is the year to transition from reactive to proactive. Many human services leaders have already recognized the fact that post-COVID, the workplace will still look significantly different than it did before the pandemic hit. Some organizations are planning to create a hybrid environment, while others are continuing to lean heavily on telehealth services. Whatever changes your organization may be planning for the long-term, your success will depend greatly on the visibility you have into your workforce operations.

When you have a holistic view of your organization and can see how each department, program, and location is performing, you are best positioned to identify inefficiencies and make improvements for better financial sustainability. Unfortunately, many human services organizations still struggle with workforce visibility, and it continues to detract from their financial efficiency and outcomes. What can an organization use to be more proactive in this area? The answer can be found with Position Control.

Increase Visibility and Maximize Resources with Position Control

Position Control is an essential tool for human services organizations. It organizes the workforce by position, rather than by employee, for a more complete view of the organization’s structure. Even as employees move around to different positions, join the company for the first time, or receive a promotion, the foundation of positions remains the same, so you always have an accurate picture of the positions you need in place to deliver on your mission. Additionally, the characteristics of each position are maintained, separate from employee details, to ensure that labor allocations, pay rates, and salary ranges are maintained for budgeting compliance. The enhanced visibility that Position Control provides enables you to take the proactive approach you need to drive your organization forward.

With the data-driven metrics and insights that Position Control enables, inefficiencies, unsustainable programming, and other problem areas of your organization can be spotted quickly and easily with Position Control. From there, you can work to identify and implement solutions that will make better use of your organization’s time and resources. More importantly, you’ll be able to measure your outcomes and continue to make improvements as necessary.

Take a Proactive Approach to Workforce Management with DATIS

If you’d like to become a more financially sustainable organization in 2021 and beyond, it’s time to invest in Position Control. As the only software provider offering an HR and Payroll solution powered by Position Control, DATIS is your source for a holistic workforce management solution. Designed specifically for human services organizations to help increase visibility, align budgets, and maximize resources, our HR and Payroll software is the solution you need to take a proactive approach to workforce management. To learn more about how DATIS can help your organization succeed in the new year, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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