EHR Buyer's Guide

Explore the steps involved in selecting a behavioral health EHR that will meet your organizational needs.

In this guide, we will talk about:

  • The purpose of an EHR
  • Evaluating your options
  • Researching providers
  • How to select a new EHR partner

What Is the Purpose of an Electronic Health Record?

An electronic health record (EHR) in its simplest form is a digital version of a patient or client’s record. However, today’s EHRs go far beyond simple electronic record-keeping and clinical documentation. You’ll find features and functionality for scheduling and intake, billing and revenue cycle management, and even patient portals that increase patient engagement.

Each EHR on the market offers its own unique design and capabilities. The right EHR for your organization should not only provide electronic documentation, but also the systems and functionality you need to streamline workflows and make processes more efficient. When evaluating your options, it’s important to consider what’s most important to you and which options will best suit your organization’s needs. This includes internal workflow improvement initiatives as well as compliance with evolving regulations.

In this guide, you can explore what the evaluation process may look like along with helpful tips to help you find the EHR solution that will best suit your goals. This guide is specifically geared toward the unique needs of behavioral health and human services organizations and approaches the evaluation process from that perspective.

View the EHR buyer's guide for more information on selecting a partner, or explore more about our configurable EHR solution for behavioral health organizations.

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