2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report

Welcome to the 2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report!

The importance of technology in our day-to-day lives, and especially in the workplace, cannot be ignored. But as the workforce evolves and the technology we use along with it, our experiences with various tech solutions and their perceived value can vary quite a bit.

This report explores the role of technology systems within behavioral health and human services organizations. It specifically looks at enterprise-level solutions (namely HCM, payroll, EHR, and clinical software) and how these different types of technology impact both the organization and the people who use them.

The 2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report provides insights ranging from individual experiences and perceptions about current technology to executive plans for developing and investing in their tech strategy.

What you'll find inside:

  • Sentiment about current tech at work - While tech makes a positive impact, only 48% of organizations say their EHR has demonstrated a clear ROI.
  • How technology aligns with organizational goals - While employee engagement is a top priority, only 46% say their HCM software helps with their engagement goals.
  • What organizations are planning for the future - More than half of organizations plan to invest in new technology within the next two years.

View the full report to explore more insights like these and help your organization develop a data-driven strategy for its future tech innovations.

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