Arlington County Community Services Board Selects Welligent EHR

Norfolk, VA, Dec. 28, 2017 – Welligent announced on Thursday that Arlington County Community Services Board (ACCSB) has selected Welligent as its new Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider. The Department of Human Services (DHS), which encompasses ACCSB, promotes the health, safety, and economic stability of Arlington residents. It is the largest department in the county, providing services to more than 58,000 clients per year with an approximate $142 million budget, more than 700 staff, and approximately 140 programs. As an integrated agency with public assistance, social service, behavioral healthcare, housing, public health, and employment programs under one department, DHS is well equipped to meet the complex needs of at-risk individuals and families. Arlington needed a platform that would meet all of Virginia’s state data collection and reporting requirements, including the CCS3 state extract and Virginia’s new Waiver Management System (WaMS) interface requirements. Arlington selected Welligent’s EHR platform to provide the flexibility and ease of use needed to satisfy these requirements and improve organizational workflows.

“The entire Welligent team is excited to begin this partnership with Arlington County and help them achieve their desired business goals,” said Andy McCraw, President of Welligent. “Our project management team has already started meeting with stakeholders and staff throughout ACCSB. During the implementation, we plan to perform a thorough workflow analysis and investigate potential opportunities for efficiency gains and improved quality of care. We have developed mutually agreed-upon goals for improving access to services, staff satisfaction, client engagement, program and population outcomes, and revenue management.”

Although Arlington already had an electronic documentation process in place, leadership was not interested in migrating the previous configuration and workflow into a new EHR. Instead, ACCSB chose to build on Welligent’s best practices for implementing behavioral health providers with diverse business needs.

The ability to align with Arlington’s guiding principles was a deciding factor in the choice to partner with Welligent. Some of the key objectives Welligent will facilitate for ACCSB include: meeting current and future business needs like real-time access to key performance metrics, creating standardized and efficient processes that support simplified workflows, and having flexible and scalable technology to support a mobile workforce.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Welligent on a new electronic health record,” said DHS Director Anita Friedman. “A state-of-the-art EHR helps ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service to our clients, which is always our goal. In addition to providing us with an important new tool, the Welligent team brings a great deal of talent and expertise which we will use to improve internal processes across the entire range of CSB programs.”

About Arlington County Community Services Board

The Arlington County Community Services Board (ACCSB) consists of community members appointed to oversee services provided by the Department of Human Services to persons challenged by mental health, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse. The ACCSB provides the principal forum for residents and consumers of services to review, comment on, and influence the direction of those services. The ACCSB acts as an advocate, educator, community organizer, and community planner for services.

About Welligent

Welligent, based in Norfolk, VA, offers a cloud-based electronic health record system that is both mobile and secure. Welligent’s desktop and mobile applications provide documentation, scheduling, and medication and caseload management. Users are able to manage all programs, services, and payers from one integrated system. Welligent’s interoperable software is fully configurable and includes features such as clinical records, treatment plan libraries, forms management, ePrescribing, electronic billing, and dashboard reporting.

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