Welligent and Greenspace Health Announce Strategic Integration

April 11, 2024

TAMPA, FLA  - APRIL 11, 2024 - Welligent, a part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good, and Greenspace Health are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. This strategic alliance will integrate Greenspace Health’s best-in-class Measurement-Based Care (MBC) platform into Welligent’s leading cloud-based EHR software for behavioral health providers. By combining these innovative technologies, provider organizations will be equipped to meaningfully assess and improve program quality across services, without disrupting clinician workflow, and ultimately deliver an elevated standard of care.

The collaboration between Welligent and Greenspace Health will empower providers with a best-in-class MBC solution that is seamlessly integrated into their EHR system. MBC is an evidence-based practice proven to enhance treatment outcomes, increase client engagement, and empower teams with greater visibility into client care and clinical outcomes. This integration will support providers with a comprehensive library of assessments and detailed results dashboards to measure and assess care quality and improve client engagement and outcomes throughout treatment. At the organization level, real-time visibility into progress towards targets and the capacity to demonstrate continuous outcome improvement will position provider organizations leveraging this integration for success in value-based care payment models and contract negotiations.

“Our commitment is to continuously seek avenues to enhance organizational efficiencies, elevate client and employee experiences, and raise the standard of care within the communities we serve,” said Andy McCraw, Chief Strategy Officer, Welligent.  “Our collaboration with Greenspace will benefit our clients by allowing them to consistently measure outcomes and meaningfully improve care quality.”

“Having access to robust data to operationalize their approach to value-based care contracts was a priority for the Welligent team,” said Jeremy Weisz, CEO, Greenspace. “This integration delivers clear insights into customers’ performance against set targets, and will empower care teams to make timely treatment adjustments that enhance their quality of care for all clients.”

The integration is launching across select Greenspace and Welligent partners. The full rollout to all shared partners will take place throughout 2024, and customers will benefit from continued investment and evolution of the integration, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

To learn more about Measurement-Based Care, please visit greenspacehealth.com. To learn more about Welligent, please visit https://welligent.com/.

About ContinuumCloud

ContinuumCloud offers a spectrum of cloud-based software solutions intentionally designed to meet the unique needs of the behavioral health and human services industry. These solutions include an EHR platform, powered by Welligent; an HCM system, powered by DATIS e3; and a patient engagement platform, powered by CaredFor. Through these offerings, ContinuumCloud empowers organizations to provide high-quality care and deliver on their mission.

ContinuumCloud’s goal is to provide historically underserved industries with unparalleled expertise and tailored technology that supports them and enables their entire organization to expand and enhance the care continuum to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve.

About Greenspace Health

Greenspace transforms mental health services by improving the way that mental healthcare is accessed, measured and delivered. Their Measurement Platform enables mental health providers and organizations to implement consistent, evidence-based measurement (often referred to as routine patient-reported outcome measures or PROMs) into their practice. This model is proven to significantly improve patient results while generating valuable data for organizations to enhance their quality of care. Greenspace’s MBC solutions have been implemented across over 500 community and private clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems, improving the patient experience and driving better-coordinated care and outcomes. To learn more about MBC, please visit greenspacehealth.com.

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