Mobile Applications in Community Based Mental Health – The Time is Now

Behavioral health providers face increasing challenges to support larger caseloads and productivity goals, in addition to meeting ever changing regulatory and documentation requirements. As the industry transitions to value-based reimbursement models with higher emphasis on care coordination and collaborative documentation, behavioral health agencies must consider the role of mobile technology for both clinicians and clients.

Mobile devices and applications meet the changing patterns and behaviors of today’s workers and clinicians and are essential for the healthcare provider working in the field. These solutions can have a positive impact on the timeliness and quality of information available to clinicians and clients, the quality of care delivered, and staff productivity. How quickly and effectively provider organizations are able to adopt and integrate these technologies into their operations will become a competitive advantage.

This timely whitepaper will address:

  • How mobile solutions can facilitate and improve communication, care coordination and optimize your clinical process and workflows across your organization
  • The growth of mobile in today’s society, and its influence on how information is stored, used, and accessed by behavioral health providers
  • Features to consider when evaluating mobile solutions
  • Considerations when implementing and deploying a mobile solution in your organization

Download this whitepaper to learn how mobile adoption will transform how clinicians access information and resources, complete documentation, and communicate with staff and clients, while supporting strategic initiatives and enhancing daily clinical functions.

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