HR Perspectives in Behavioral Health Report

Explore industry insights on recruiting, retention & employee engagement in this new report.


As behavioral health organizations continue to prioritize recruiting and retention in the face of ongoing challenges, it’s important to explore the current state of these initiatives and the steps organizations are planning to take. While recruiting, retention, and employee engagement impact the entire organization, the champions of these initiatives are typically found within the HR department. 

In May 2024, ContinuumCloud surveyed more than 200 behavioral health leaders on top priorities in the industry, including recruiting and retention, employee engagement, care delivery, patient engagement, operational processes, and the digital tools that are supporting these initiatives. Respondents included leaders from behavioral health organizations across the nation with at least 100 employees, representing mid- market organizations with complex operational dynamics.

In this 2024 HR Perspectives in Behavioral Health Report, we’ll focus on insights specifically from HR respondents to explore their perspectives on recruiting, retention, and employee engagement.

Fill out the form to download the full report. Then, check out our corresponding piece, the 2024 Clinical Perspectives in Behavioral Health Report.

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