The Age of Peer-to-Peer Learning Engagement and Collaboration

Technology is continually evolving and plays an essential role in daily life, including the world of behavioral healthcare. From mobile health applications and electronic health records to advanced office equipment and telehealth, modern technology makes healthcare more efficient and accessible. As technology constantly changes, knowledge bases and peer-to-peer learning stay relevant. A knowledge base is a centralized repository for information—a database of related information about a particular subject.

  1. Knowledge bases promote the collection, organization and retrieval of specific information. They not only store data, but assist the populations using them with problem solving and collaboration. Some knowledge bases simply store information in a structured format, much like an encyclopedia, while others promote more user engagement through discussion and action.
  2. In an age where technology expands at an exponential rate, knowledge bases are a single puzzle piece that can provide abundant information that is accessible in seconds anywhere an internet connection is available.

Welligent Community

Welligent Community is an online platform for knowledge management and distribution. Welligent Community was designed to enhance our customer support. Through the Community, we increase our engagement and contact with customers through peer-to-peer learning among our customers and staff. We believe this platform enhances our users’ experience and makes us stand out from other EHR vendors.  

Welligent Community Content

  • EHR and mobile app product documentation and technical information
  • Training and educational resources including videos and how-to articles
  • Product development initiatives and progress
  • Product-specific capabilities and third party options that enhance the Welligent user experience
  • Market-specific, payor and regulatory information
  • Virtual social groups that encourage peer-to-peer learning  

Benefits of Using the Community

  • Access Welligent documentation about products, features, system functionality and technical requirements
  • Stay informed about Welligent updates, developments and system enhancements
  • Learn tips, tricks and how-tos from the Welligent User Community (WUC) on Welligent Groups
  • Improve communication among Welligent staff, customer organization leaders and system end-users
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