2022 Executive Trends Report

The behavioral health and human services industry is in a league of its own. While this sector shares some business challenges with other industries, it is in many ways very unique in itself. By necessity, behavioral health and human services organizations operate in a different manner than many other industries, and their measures of success are far more complex than looking at profit margins and dollar amounts. Therefore, industry-specific insights are essential for understanding how these organizations are continuing to evolve in 2022 and beyond.

This report explores the trends and challenges that behavioral health and human services leaders are currently facing. By understanding the unique experience of employees working in this industry as well as the experience of the clients being served, human services organizations can prioritize the changes that will lead to ongoing and sustainable success.

Executive Summary

New year, same challenges? From ongoing difficulty with employee engagement to combatting burnout, many of the top initiatives among behavioral health and human services organizations remain the same. Yet, as the pandemic continues to reshape the industry and force adaptation to a new world of work, new challenges are emerging as well, from delivering remote care to clients to finding ways to balance remote and in-person care. This report explores some of the key trends that human services leaders need to be aware of as they set forth into a new year full of new opportunities. Here are some of the key trends this report explores:

  • The great resignation, reshuffle, or whatever you choose to call it is in full effect. While the human services industry has historically faced challenges with recruiting and retention, those effects are now amplified as pandemic-induced changes reshape the workforce across all industries.
  • Client care is evolving alongside these changes, with remote care and telehealth now more widely adopted than ever before. These changes are not without their own unique challenges, though, with particular importance being placed on client engagement.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability at the organizational level is as challenging as ever, as the industry continues to reshape itself. While most organizations have some metrics in place, few are using them as a strategic advantage to improve operations and efficiencies.

If your organization finds itself in a familiar position with any of these challenges, the most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of human services organizations are facing these same issues, which is what this report strives to illuminate. By recognizing common challenges, we can better understand the direction of the industry, plan for the future, and share strategies for overcoming these obstacles together.

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