Leveraging Technology for Consumer Engagement

Among the key takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the future of U.S. health care is in consumer-facing technology and services. Partly due to necessity in the global pandemic and the ongoing movement to consumer choice, health care consumerism continues to be on the rise. More individuals are becoming better engaged in making their own health-related decisions and asserting more control over their own medical and wellness care.

Consumer engagement in medical care is generally defined as the actions individuals take to become better informed and more proactively and directly involved in the decisions affecting their overall health. Communication, collaboration, and client engagement are key behaviors that affect consumer engagement, and technology solutions can make all that happen. Evidence shows that engaged consumers have better health outcomes compared to individuals who fail to take charge of their own health. As a result, consumer engagement frequently appears as a necessary component of many quality measures that assess the value of care received.

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