A Must-Have Tool for HR: Position Control

The responsibilities of HR are vast and many. Whether it’s recruiting to find top talent, maintaining a safe workplace, managing compensation and benefits, staying up to date with regulatory compliance, or creating training and development plans, your HR tasks are essential to keeping your organization running like a finely tuned machine. It can get overwhelming quickly, especially in mid-to-large sized organizations with complex operations and hundreds of employees to track and manage.

Staying on top of all of these HR responsibilities requires having the right tools in place. And for Health and Human Services organizations in particular, Position Control is one of the most useful tools you can use. Position Control is an HR system that organizes the company by position, independent of the employees that fill those positions. And while this may not seem all that different than an employee-based system, it can be a game changer for HR professionals. Position Control can help HR in these key areas:

Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting cycles are longer than ever, averaging more than 20 days across the nation, and even longer for high-level and specialized positions. After going through the process of reviewing résumés, interviewing top candidates, extending an offer, and bringing in a new hire, the last thing you want is to get caught up in the paperwork. Position Control allows for the seamless flow of information, from candidate to employee, populating the candidate’s existing information into the position they are going to fill and enabling the employee to simply inherit the attributes already associated with that position. This eliminates redundancies and enables you to focus more on the person you just brought into the organization. And, because positions exist independent of the employee, HR can easily track and prioritize vacancies throughout the organization.

Eliminate Rekeying of the Same Information

In addition to making onboarding a smooth and structured process, Position Control can help HR eliminate redundancies, such as entering the same information multiple times. Each position within the organization has specific characteristics that don’t change, no matter who fills that role. These might include salary range, department, program, cost center, funding source, FLSA status, job code, FTE equivalent, and more. If an employee is promoted, Position Control enables that individual to simply inherit the characteristics of that new position. In other words, HR doesn’t have enter all of that information all over again. This also minimizes the risk of creating errors or duplicate information within the HR system. In effect, Position Control offers quality control by providing a single source of truth.

Manage Credentials Automatically

Credential management is another area where Position Control is a great asset for HR. Position Control can automate these processes, eliminating manual procedures and freeing up HR time. Credentials that are required for a position can be tied to the position itself, preventing unqualified individuals from filling that role and automatically sending alerts when credentials are due for renewal. This enables HR to take a proactive approach to credential management, preventing possible compliance issues along the way.

Position Control makes it possible for HR to manage the many complexities of a large and diverse workforce in the most efficient manner possible. But that’s not where the benefits end. Position Control can be helpful not just for HR, but also for other departments, like Finance and Operations. Altogether, Position Control helps executives across departments function more efficiently and more effectively with increased visibility throughout the organization, so that the entire workforce can work together to achieve your mission.

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