Care Journeys Datasheet

ContinuumCloud’s patient engagement app, powered by CaredFor, provides the tools you need to guide and support patients beyond traditional treatment settings. With Care Journeys, your organization can build experiences that keep patients, families, and alumni engaged with tasks, assessments, and resources designed just for them. Care Journeys support holistic treatment plans by providing a digital approach that enhances the services you provide in person. Care Journeys can be designed to focus on a specific condition, address a specific theme, or for any other scenario your organization finds valuable.

Create a Care Journey

Admins can build configurable Care Journeys for individuals or groups to deliver support, step by step. Each step may include educational content, an interactive assessment, or a custom call to action. Admins can also set up a cadence for when each step should be delivered to the recipient as well as a date of reference for when the Care Journey should begin. Care Journeys can be saved as a draft until they’re finalized and ready to be published. In draft mode, different admins can edit and fine-tune the Care Journey, collaborating to ensure it’s ready for your patients.

Ready to learn more about Care Journeys and how they can help you extend the care continuum? View the datasheet for more details on how Care Journeys work to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

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