Making Complex Markets Work

The behavioral health and human services industry is uniquely complex. From whole-person care coordination and treating individuals with multiple and complex support needs to managing diverse services at scale while keeping locations properly staffed, there are a lot of moving pieces to contend with. In this whitepaper from OPEN MINDS, we explore that complexity and break it down into manageable and addressable pieces so that your organization can address the future head-on.

For many organizations within the industry, technology is the key to managing different forms of complexity. This whitepaper also explores how to maximize your use of technology solutions by planning a holistic strategy.

Read the full whitepaper for more information on:

  • The behavioral health and human services landscape
  • Strategic planning and decision making to support growth in a complex environment
  • Questions to ask and consider in assessing and determining your technology framework
  • A holistic framework of the basic technology domains
  • How to select and invest in the right technology

At ContinuumCloud, we offer a spectrum of cloud-based solutions intentionally designed for behavioral health and human services organizations. If your organization is looking for ways to better manage complexity to achieve financial sustainability, contact us today to see how our solutions can fit your needs.

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