2021 State of Workforce Management Report

This report provides information from and for human services professionals. Our industry-specific research is designed to highlight and address the unique challenges that human services organizations face on a daily basis – and provide targeted strategies and solutions that are most relevant to your industry.

In this fifth annual State of Workforce Management Report, we explore the workforce management trends and priorities that are paving the way for human services organizations in 2021. This report also looks back at some of the outcomes from our past workforce management reports to show how priorities have shifted over time.

Discover key trends, challenges, and strategies that are shaping the health and human services landscape in 2021. This industry report reveals new stats on:

  • Financial Sustainability: resource planning, budgeting, and visibility
  • Recruiting and Retention: building a sustainable workforce
  • Company Culture: fostering a collaborative and diverse environment
  • Employee Engagement: improving the employee experience
  • Drive Towards Digital: increasing operational efficiency and agility
  • Workplace Wellbeing: creating a safe and healthy work environment
  • Talent Management: measuring and improving individual performance
  • Future of Work: managing a mobile and dispersed workforce

Plus, discover five key takeaways that will help reveal the future of behavioral health organizations in 2021 and beyond. View the full report above.


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