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Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) have proven to be a successful model for providing whole-person care for those in need of behavioral health services. Part of this success stems from a series of requirements CCBHCs must meet, setting a new standard for care and service delivery. For those just getting started or considering applying to become a CCBHC, these requirements may feel daunting at first – especially as these requirements continue to be refined and updated. However, by understanding the different elements of these requirements, why they exist, and how to leverage technology to meet them, organizations will find that they are better equipped to provide high-quality, whole-person care to every person they see.

The Six Major Program Requirements for CCBHCs

Organizations must meet a basic level of service to qualify for CCBHC status. While it can be overwhelming to sort through a long list of requirements and ensure every one is met – especially as these requirements continue to change – it helps to first understand them from a high level. CCBHC requirements can be categorized into six different dimensions that together define organizational excellence. These six program requirements include:


Ensuring the organization is properly staffed with licensed and trained professionals to meet the local needs of the community


Ensuring timely and easy access to services, including crisis services and treatment planning, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay

Care Coordination

Ensuring integrated care with the appropriate health information technology in place to support patients across different services and providers

Scope of Services

Ensuring the organization provides person-centered, family-centered, and recovery-oriented care that spans nine required services

Quality and Reporting

Ensuring quality measures and program requirements are properly tracked, with a plan for quality improvement

Organizational Governance

Ensuring consumer representation in governance and appropriate state accreditation

View the whitepaper to explore how the right technology can help you address and report on all six of these core CCBHC requirements.

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