Webinar Recap: Tech Solutions for CCBHCs (and Wannabes!)

ContinuumCloud recently hosted a webinar in partnership with OPEN MINDS to explore tech solutions for CCBHCs and wannabes. CCBHCs are a new model of whole-person care that has proven themselves to be highly successful. Behavioral health and human services organizations can apply for CCBHC status by meeting an extensive range of requirements. In this webinar, we review these requirements and explore some of the technology solutions that can help organizations manage these complex requirements.

Reviewing CCBHC Requirements

SAMHSA outlines in detail the various requirements organizations must meet to achieve and maintain CCBHC status. These can be broken down into six categories:

  • Staffing
  • Accessibility
  • Care Coordination
  • Scope of Services
  • Quality and Reporting
  • Organizational Governance

While there’s a lot involved in each of these six requirements, from maintaining appropriate staffing levels to coordinating care across multiple programs and providers, organizations can better manage these requirements by following the behavioral health pillars of success.

Behavioral Health Pillars of Success

To create a framework for success – whether as a CCBHC or otherwise – organizations can adopt the following behavioral health pillars of success:

  • Enhancing the employee experience
  • Improving quality of care
  • Achieving financial sustainability

These pillars start with employees as the foundation of the organization, followed by enhancements to care delivery that improve patient outcomes, which ultimately allows organizations to achieve financial sustainability to maintain ongoing success.

Tech Solutions to Support Behavioral Health Success

At ContinuumCloud, we offer a spectrum of software solutions that support these behavioral health pillars of success for CCBHCs and other complex organizations.

  • A unified HR and Payroll solution – Our unified HCM platform uses Position Control as a framework to support the entire employee lifecycle, improve productivity and engagement, track credentials, and allow for the visibility needed to manage budgets effectively.
  • A behavioral health EHR – Our highly configurable EHR platform can support multiple programs within the organization and features the interoperability capabilities to coordinate care within the organization as well as with DCOs.
  • A dedicated patient engagement app – Offering peer support, online connections, a peer referral system, alumni engagement, and more, our patient engagement app helps organizations support patients throughout the journey and maintains connections to the community without burdening provider resources.

To learn more about how our spectrum of solutions can support your organizational needs – whether to maintain CCBHC status, achieve this status for the first time, or simply establish best practices for your own organization, watch our on-demand webinar or contact us today to speak with a solution specialist.

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