Tools to Relieve Anxiety Around COVID-19

Constant news updates, emerging statistics, businesses and social gatherings being limited or shut down, working from home and all the unknowns surrounding COVID-19 can be overwhelming. We are living in an anxious and uncertain time. Many people, some of whom have never dealt with these feelings, are experiencing stress, anxiety and mental health issues related to this novel pandemic.

A lot of advice is being given: wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, practice “social distancing”, quarantine yourself at home, limit outings, etc. If you are feeling anxiety, fear and a sense of powerlessness around the coronavirus pandemic you are not alone. These heightened feelings are normal and it’s important to understand the difference between anxiety, obsessive compulsive patterns and coronavirus news-induced feelings of panic.  

The best thing we can do for ourselves at this time is to take care of our body, mind and spirit; not only for ourselves but for our family and friends. Our actions and feelings affect those around us.

The CaredFor team is here to help any way we can. The app includes several features that can be utilized during this time to support your physical health, mental health and spiritual well-being. 

Physical Self-Care 

  • Going for a walk or hike, getting out in nature and breathing fresh air are great ways to stay safe during a time like this, while being physically active.  

  • With the CaredFor app, admins can share articles related to the connection of physical and mental health, books and other resources to help motivate and educate users on ways to implement physical self-care techniques.  

  • YouTube and other online resources have a plethora of at-home exercise routines and workouts as well that can be shared within the app.  

  • It’s important to not skip the basics of physical self-care, including plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and eating a healthy, balanced diet, avoiding excess sugar. 

 Mental Self-Care  

  • The peer-support community inside the CaredFor app contains relevant content including videos, podcasts, books and articles that can support patients’ mental health during times of high stress and anxiety.  

  • Admins can make recommendations specific to their clients’ needs, promoting tips and practices aimed at supporting mental health.  

  • With the addition of telehealth through the CaredFor app, the goal is to create a comprehensive solution where information is instantly shared throughout the provider’s system, further removing barriers and helping to support more individuals seeking help during this time.  

  • If telehealth is not an option, FaceTime, Zoom or other video conferencing options are available to connect you with your sponsor or online meetings. 

Spiritual Self-Care 

  • Along with prayer, yoga and meditation can be implemented to nurture one’s spiritual care.  

  • Journaling can also be a great tool for relieving stress and anxiety. 

  • Admins on the CaredFor app often share book recommendations along with inspirational and motivational videos and podcasts. 

  • Self-guided meditations, breathing exercises and inspirational quotes or lists are another way admins can help inspire users to practice spiritual self-care. 

While there are still many unknowns about the future around COVID-19 these are just a few recommendations that can help us feel more in control of our emotions and mental health at this time. Along with these suggestions, try limiting the amount of news and social media posts you read related to the coronavirus, find a credible source or a trusted media source, and only get information from there. Pay attention to recommendations and guidelines, but try to avoid the rest if you’re feeling uneasy. Focus on the facts and try not to get caught up in the panic and fear of others. Listen to relaxing music, read a book, organize and spring clean your house, try to stay distracted and busy and focus on what you CAN control - yourself.

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