Extending the Continuum of Care with the CaredFor App

Building relationships and engagement among patients is particularly important in behavioral health. Yet, only 43% of organizations are using digital tools to support patients outside of the traditional treatment. As organizations shift their focus towards value-based care models and long-term outcomes, engaging patients before, during, and even after treatment is more important than ever to support these goals.

In this exclusive panel session, industry experts Colleen Fry, Sophia Iovenitti, and Shane Hassler explore innovative ways to leverage the CaredFor patient engagement app as a solution for extending the continuum of care.

Want to learn more about how the CaredFor patient engagement app can support your organizational goals? Learn more about the CaredFor app here.

Panel Leader:

  • Ben Wilkins, Director of Product at CaredFor, Part of the ContinuumCloud


  • Colleen Fry, Director of Alumni Relations at Rosecrance
  • Sophia Iovenitti M.S., Regional Alumni Program Manager and Experience Coordinator at Newport Healthcare
  • Shane Hassler, MBA CPRS, Program Director, Digital Services at Gateway Foundation

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