Video Preview: 2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report

View highlights from ContinuumCloud's 2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report for behavioral health and human services organizations in this video preview.

This industry report examined the role of enterprise software solutions at organizations, including how they're impacting the individual experience and helping the organization achieve its mission. Key insights include:

  • There's increased adoption of EHR systems, and 60% of organizations reporting that these systems have made a positive impact.
  • 61% of organizations report that their HCM (human capital management) and payroll software is easy to use.
  • Technology isn't doing much to help with engagement. Only 37% said their clinical system help improve patient engagement, and 46% said their HCM systems help improve employee engagement.

These insights can help leaders make more strategic decisions with their future tech investments, providing valuable information for behavioral health and human services organizations as they make plans for the future. View more details in the full 2022 Tech Experiences & Impact Report, available now!


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