The Sum of Its Parts: Re-Evaluating Company Culture at the Individual Level

With ongoing staffing challenges, low employee engagement levels, and increasing demand for services, it’s tough to be a behavioral health and human services organization right now. While many of these struggles aren’t necessarily new, they may feel more dire these days, as post-pandemic stressors and economic uncertainties continue to pose large-scale challenges for organizations.

If this feels familiar, this whitepaper is for you. Looking at the most recent insights from ContinuumCloud’s 2023 Behavioral Health Industry Trends, we’re taking a deeper dive into the data to highlight key opportunities for organizations to draw from existing strengths to improve retention, engagement, and satisfaction among your employees.

Key highlights in this whitepaper:

  • The current state of behavioral health organizations indicates that recruiting and retention continue to be top priorities.

  • Company culture is a strong point in the industry, while employee engagement and metrics are weaknesses.

  • Although executives and front-line employees are fairly aligned in their view of the organization, there are some key data points where they differ significantly.

  • Opportunities for organizations include creating a culture of learning and leveraging unified HCM technology to provide the personalized experience employees want.

Flip through the whitepaper to learn more about how to start taking a personalized approach to engagement and retention so that your organization can achieve its mission.

Looking for more on this topic? This on-demand webinar features a panel of industry experts weighing in on staffing challenges and strategies to address them. Watch Let's Get Personal: Overcoming Staffing Challenges One Employee at a Time.

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