Mobile Workforce Management for Behavioral Health and Human Services

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No longer tethered to a physical location, today’s employees can work from just about anywhere in the world. In fact, the International Data Corporation projects that mobile workers will comprise up to 60% of the total U.S. workforce by 2024. As work environments evolve and the rising trend of remote work continues, employers in every industry will have to continue adapting to successfully manage a growing mobile workforce. 

Adapting is especially vital for behavioral health and human services organizations, which impact communities and require up-to-the-moment connections for both the workforce and clients. Here’s a closer look at why a mobile workforce management system is necessary and which types of mobile-optimized solutions can provide a better employee experience, higher productivity, and enhanced service delivery.

What Is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile workforce management (MWM) involves the use of digital tools and systems to help remote workers perform their jobs and carry out daily operations. It ensures field employees are productive offsite and have access to software as well as data that’s essential for work. In a nutshell, mobile workforce management closes the accessibility gap between onsite and offsite workers. 

While there are plenty of “a la carte” options that help coordinate a variety of moving parts, an all-inclusive single platform allows you to simplify and integrate various workforce management tools under one roof.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Mobile Workforce Management: Employee working from her smartphone

MWM software provides many benefits to clients, workers, and managers — and behavioral health and human services organizations are no exception. The future of work is a remote/hybrid workplace, so software solutions help organizations adjust their work environment to fit this new reality. Here are several ways that mobile-optimized solutions can help reduce inefficiencies and streamline your processes. 

Employee Self-Service

Cloud-based technology provides the integrated resources to manage employees in a mobile workforce environment. As such, workers can easily access relevant personal and company information. Team members may choose to view pay stubs, request time off work, or see upcoming time off without any communication barriers or in-person visits with HR. 

This type of convenient connectivity produces a positive employee experience and helps streamline processes. Moreover, human resource managers are not overwhelmed with workers’ requests because of these self-service options that keep things moving smoothly.

Performance Management 

Productive managers are goal-oriented and motivate their team members towards achieving common goals. And having motivated employees is integral to any organization’s bottom line. One of the best ways to engage your team is by offering them the chance to track their progress towards reaching a goal. 

Cloud-based solutions allow employees (and managers) to monitor performance to aid efficient completion of tasks. Managers can gain insights from access to relevant data to make adjustments necessary for optimal individual and team performance. Mobile employees are given unbiased work feedback based on data reports from these tracking tools. A cloud-based HCM can also help with reminders to ensure check-ins happen regularly for all employees, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Efficient Recruiting 

Employers in behavioral health and human services may experience recruiting bottlenecks because of the unique industry demands. The right worker in the human service industry needs a combination of professional competence and personal commitment to serve the community. Thus, human resource managers often find it tough to select the ideal candidate from a plethora of job applicants.

However, using cloud-based human resource tools, employers can use a set of predetermined selection criteria to quickly identify and screen job applicants. For instance, ContinuumCloud’s all-in-one HR and payroll platform makes mobile workforce management easier than you might think. Managers can use the recruiting features to post vacant positions on popular career sites with just one click and set up automated workflows for screening applicants from a large talent pool. 

Optimized Workplace Operations

Behavioral health and human services organizations are always looking for ways to be more efficient in the office — especially when they have employees working in the field or outside of the traditional office setting. Something as simple as being able to clock in and out while on the go rather than logging hours after the fact is just one example of streamlining workflows to suit your existing operations.

With mobile workforce management software, workers can use time-tracking and clocking apps on their smartphone devices to clock in and out of work. Human resources managers can track employee work hours using mobile apps without using laptops or computers. An online messaging platform in mobile devices allows employers to stay connected and communicate important company information with workers, no matter where they are.

Resource Management

Business managers are empowered to make data-driven decisions when that data is available to them in their cloud-based human resource management software. The right level of visibility into workforce operations helps business leaders manage costs and determine business operations that are not effective. 

With data, resources are best allocated to business operations and departments that drive revenue in the organization. Data reports in ContinuumCloud’s cloud-based HCM are easy to access because they’re stored in a centralized database that serves as a single source of truth.

Digital Solutions for Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management: Man working from his home office

The diversity of a mobile workforce requires various technological solutions to optimize, organize, and execute tasks. However, advances in mobile technology have made it easy to manage a mobile workforce from your phone. You can execute a variety of core human resource activities using a single mobile device. Here are some of the major functions you can perform using a mobile human capital management app.

Mobile Timesheets 

Workers can create timesheets from their mobile apps and submit them to employers to track work hours. Mobile timesheets enable workers to track their individual efficiency because it shows them task duration from start to finish. Workers can self-adjust if task completion takes longer than necessary. Human resource managers find this advantageous because they can quickly calculate billable work hours for remote workers.

Geofencing and IP Restrictions

Organizations with strict remote work policies can track the location of their remote workers using geofencing and IP restriction features of mobile human resource management apps. This ensures workers adhere to company rules and encourages them to only work from locations the company endorses.

During work hours, when workers log in and out using their mobile devices, managers can monitor their location. Geofencing and IP restriction features are crucial in maintaining regulatory compliance in some industries.

Mobile Workflows

With a swipe or tap of a screen, employees can access everything they need on their smartphones. They can also log their progress on specific tasks on their mobile devices, which alerts managers to get real-time progress reports. Employers are able to manage schedules, review and approve processes on the go without delays, and take a proactive approach to workforce management. The ability to track daily operations helps managers intervene swiftly to avoid delays in task completion. 

ContinuumCloud's unified HCM and Payroll software provides a centralized platform with all the essential tools for human resource management in one place. This eliminates the need for a separate platform to manage your workers’ payrolls, monitor employee work hours and attendance, as well as recruit management. 

Get Started With a Mobile Workforce Management Solution 

A mobile workforce management solution enables you to organize your remote workers, monitor employee performance, and create an efficient and productive workplace regardless of your team’s location.

With nothing more than a smartphone, you can monitor employee work hours, track work progress, ensure compliance, and work toward common goals. ContinuumCloud offers a cloud-based software solution specifically for those in human services and behavioral health. You’ll also find recruiting support, invoicing, payroll processing, and other tools managers need to oversee a mobile workforce.

Contact us to learn how ContinuumCloud's unique solution can support your mission to achieve your goals and better serve your clients.

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