2023 Tech Experiences & Impact Report

As organizational processes become increasingly complex and consumer expectations for service delivery require ongoing innovation, the technology organizations rely on for workforce management, clinical workflows, and related operational needs plays a significant role in an organization’s ability to succeed. In this report, we take a close look at some of the core software solutions behavioral health organizations rely on today to see how well these solutions are supporting these complex needs - and what organizations are planning and prioritizing for their future tech investments.

View the full report to discover key insights from 250+ behavioral health and human services professionals from across the nation, and discover stats like these inside:

  • Only 41% say they have seen a clear ROI from their HCM and Payroll systems.
  • 2/3 of organizations are using technology to help address patient engagement.
  • Only 44% agree that their EHR has helped streamline processes.
  • Nearly half of organizations plan to invest in new technology within the next two years.

If you're looking for better tech solutions to support your organizational needs, contact ContinuumCloud today to learn more about our spectrum of solutions for social good. With a configurable EHR, HCM and Payroll platform designed for behavioral health, and a mobile patient engagement app, our solutions can help improve processes, productivity, and patient outcomes to help your organization achieve its mission.

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