The Impact of ContinuumCloud's HCM Solution: A Case Study

ContinuumCloud has built software intentionally designed to serve those who serve others. Specifically, behavioral health and human services organizations that support their communities with critical services across the spectrum of mental health, addiction, I/DD, child & family, and more.

But how exactly does our HCM software, powered by DATIS, make an impact and help organizations better achieve their mission? Looking at detailed reports comparing data from two similar organizations illuminates substantial differences in how much time it takes to complete various workforce management activities.

A Tale of Two Organizations

For this comparison, we looked at two real organizations – one that’s using ContinuumCloud’s HCM solution and one that is not. Organization A has 500+ employees and offers mental health treatment services in Florida. Organization B is in West Virginia and is also a 500+ employee organization offering mental health treatment. Organization B has been using ContinuumCloud’s HCM solution for just over two years.

View the full case study above for a line-by-line comparison of how these two organizations compare.

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