Achieving Organizational Excellence with Technology

October 6, 2021

Workforce technology is essential for nonprofit organizations to operate effectively, improve the employee experience, and achieve their mission. Yet, results from ContinuumCloud’s 2021 Work Tech Report reveal that the technology that human services organizations and other nonprofits use continues to be a major pain point for employees.

In this webinar, we will draw from the Work Tech Report to explore the trends and priorities shaping the future of the nonprofit landscape. We’ll then dive deeper into the role technology plays in these trends and how it influences organizational outcomes.

This webinar will:

  • Explore workforce trends and priorities at human services organizations, highlighting key statistics from ContinuumCloud’s 2021 Work Tech Report.
  • Identify current pain points in the technology used at nonprofit organizations and examine solutions to address core challenges.
  • Drill down into what nonprofit organizations need most from their workforce technology to address their complex organizational structure and better achieve their mission.
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