HR Compliance Solution: Automation Tools that Streamline Processes


Your Solution for HR Compliance: Automation Tools that Streamline Processes

HR compliance involves staying on top of numerous regulations, from FMLA to FLSA to EEOC. And if those aren’t enough four-letter acronyms to contend with, there are plenty of additional compliance requirements specific to the Health and Human Services industry, like HIPAA and HITECH. To top things off, regulations are constantly being changed and new ones are always being added. So it can be challenging to try and stay on top of the latest changes.

Automation is Your HR Compliance Friend

In a previous DATIS blog, we explored how automating processes can help reduce financial risk related to non-compliance. For HR executives and their teams, automation is also an excellent solution for managing the many moving pieces involved with regulatory compliance. Think of it as a friend or assistant keeping track of things for you and reminding you of upcoming deadlines.

How can automation help exactly? Consider the following, as just a few examples:

  • Recruiting Compliance – Automated workflows can greatly improve your hiring process, ensuring all required steps are completed efficiently while helping to eliminate bias along the way. In addition to helping you maintain compliance when hiring, recruiting management can help you create a positive applicant experience and shorten your time to hire.
  • Wage and Hour Requirements – Complying with minimum wage law, recordkeeping, overtime pay, and other time and payroll regulations becomes simplified when the details of these requirements can be automated. For example, your HR and Payroll system can alert you when an employee is approaching overtime and help you ensure that all employees are compensated appropriately.
  • Credential Management – Within the Health and Human Services industry, there are numerous licenses, degrees, certifications, and other credentials that various employees are required to have to do their job. Having this information stored with each employee’s information can help you manage all of these credentials. Setting automatic reminders when an individual’s credentials are about to expire can help you stay proactive with keeping your employees credentialed and your organization compliant.

How the Right HR and Payroll Software Can Help With Compliance

While it’s possible to find individual systems to handle each operation you’d like to automate, choosing software that can handle your all-of-the-above list of automation requirements can save you time, money, and headaches. A single system provides true integration, enabling your team to enter data just once and then letting automated processes take care of monitoring regulations to maintain HR compliance. Unified HR software can help your team with everything from document management to calculating taxes, monitoring employee credentials, and maintaining wage and hour compliance. This can greatly free up your time to focus on strategic initiatives – things like employee engagement and company culture that are essential to your organization’s success but are also aspects of your organization that can’t be automated.

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