Why Working In Care Should Be Your Next Career Move


Why Working In Care Should Be Your Next Career Move

This DATIS Blog Article, “Why Working In Care Should Be Your Next Career Move”, was originally posted by Chantal BechervaiseTake It Personel-ly, on October 13th, 2016 and was reposted with permission.

Are you a naturally caring person? Do you like to help people, and always find yourself going the extra mile for others? In that case, working in care could be perfect for you. Whether you’re just starting off in your career, or want to make a change later in life- there are so many excellent reasons to consider this path.

‘Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life’. Working in care is incredibly rewarding, and the satisfaction you can gain from helping others means it’s so much more than just a job. In care, you can genuinely make a difference to the lives of others and can go home each night knowing you have made some positive change in the world. If you’re down about your current job and find yourself wishing you could do more or make more of an impact- care work could be your next move.

Working in care allows you to work with a diverse range of people. Depending on the type of role in care you do, you could be working with children, teens, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues, the elderly and so much more. You could work as a health care assistant in a hospital, or as a prison nurse. You could work in a clinic or even out in the community. Due to the nature of the job and the people you will be caring for, no two days will ever be the same.

There’s no doubt that care work is challenging. If this is something you crave from a working environment, then you won’t be disappointed in this career path. You will meet people with a complex range of needs, and all aspects of the job can throw up challenges that you’ll need to face. However, it’s overcoming these obstacles which make the role so interesting and rewarding.

Learn on The Job
Care is a great career to get into since it has so many progression options. You can start at the bottom with no formal education and work your way up through the ranks- gaining experience and qualifications as you go. Unlike many job roles, you don’t need to go to university for three years to secure a position. This means that switching from an entirely different job into care is easy, as you can go right into employment without having to take time off to study.

Gives You Skills To Work Abroad
Countries such as America and Australia require people who want to move and work there to have certain skills. A career in care could give you these skills, so if emigrating is part of your plan for the future, this is an excellent way to help you achieve it. The skills in care are transferable meaning you’ll be able to find work just about anywhere in the world.

Are you considering a career in care work?
If this sounds like the career path for you then look in your area to see what is available. Check what local requirements, certifications and training that you need and get started in a career that is often a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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