Why Position Control Is Right For Your Organization

Organizations in the Health and Human Services work around the clock to provide higher quality care for their clients. However, their complex needs regarding budgeting, compliance, and reporting can shift their focus away from their mission and consume their staff with administrative burdens.

Unfortunately, most HR software does not support the intricacies of complex and evolving industries, like Health and Human Services, and instead focus on the needs of the Fortune 500 giants. This leaves Health and Human Services organizations spending valuable time and money on manually allocating labor costs, tracking credentials, and onboarding new employees.

These processes, however, can be easily managed through Position Control.

What is Position Control?

Most HR software is employee-based, meaning each time an employee comes onboard, their position details need to be coded. Position Control allows organizations to budget at the position level, independent of the employee. With Position Control, organizations are able to assign attributes to each position. So, when new employees come onboard, they automatically inherit the predefined attributes of the position. Not only does this simplify the onboarding process, it also ensures that an employee has the required credentials and licenses before they begin their new role.

Why is Position Control Important?


Between state regulations, FLSA, wage and hour laws, and other various tax laws, it can be difficult to ensure that your organization is remaining compliant. We recently surveyed over 250 executives in the Health and Human Services industry, and a staggering 49% reported that they had to deal with compliance issues within the last 12 months.

Noncompliance with these laws and regulations often results in penalties and hefty fines that organizations, specifically nonprofits, simply cannot afford.


Tracking the credentials and licenses of your employees is a difficult, but crucial, task for many organizations, especially those in the Health and Human Services Industry. In 2016, 48% of organizations in the Health and Social Assistance industry required their employees to acquire new credentials and certifications.

Position Control protects your organization against threats of noncompliance by ensuring that all employees have the proper credentials at all times. Credential requirements can be tied to positions, job codes, or other inheritable attributes and are automatically tracked within the system. If any credentials are expiring, a Position Control-based system will send automatic notifications to inform the employee and their manager of the upcoming issue.


As the Health and Human Services Industry continues to grow due to an increase demand for health care services, there is a critical need to onboard new employees quickly, efficiently, and compliantly. Efficient onboarding programs also help with employee retention, as employees who go through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to stay with a company for three years or more.

Position Control simplifies these steps. Through Position Control, each position is preloaded with attributes such as salary, education, location, and credentialing requirements. Employees that fill those positions will inherit those attributes automatically to maintain compliance.

Is Position Control Right for Your Organization?

Position Control is essential for organizations that need to accurately and efficiently manage their budgets, compliance, and robust reporting needs. These are all complex processes that distract organization leaders from their core mission.

Position Control is ideal for nonprofits in the Health and Human Services industry that must abide by strict budget and compliance requirements in order to continue delivering on their mission to serve their communities.

While there are many undeniable benefits offered by Position Control HR software that could significantly impact an organization’s success, this functionality is still extremely rare in the marketplace.

Position Control is the foundation of DATIS and is inherent in our software, giving our clients a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving business environment. Discover the power of Position Control by implementing it in your organization.

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