Virtual Events, Powered by CaredFor Patient Engagement

CaredFor is integrated with Zoom to provide telehealth sessions and virtual events. Virtual events utilize Zoom’s meeting and webinar feature to connect large groups of people together for support. App users are able to see upcoming events, RSVP and receive notifications leading up to the event. When the event begins, app users launch their CaredFor app and connect to the event with a click of a button. App users need no additional technology on their phone, other than their CaredFor app, to access these opportunities.  As you can imagine, the virtual event feature has been heavily used inside the CaredFor app during the recent pandemic. Over 300 unique events have been hosted inside the app since March. 

We support one-time and recurring events as a way to engage alumni who are out of state, unable to travel, etc.  

Some examples of virtual events held inside the app include: 

  • 12-step and other recovery/support meetings 

  • Continuing care groups 

  • Psycho-educational groups - especially during COVID-19 

  • Groups focused on coping skills - especially during COVID-19 

  • Other educational opportunities aimed at engaging families, patients and alumni 

  • Alumni meetings - offered daily, weekly, monthly based on the client 

While our clients began using virtual events to engage their alumni, clients, and families during the pandemic, many of our clients intend to continue offering virtual opportunities post-pandemic to engage app users who are not able to travel back to campus for in-person events.

To learn more about virtual events, reach out to our team at

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