Top Three Themes from the 2021 Work Tech Report

In the first ever 2021 Work Tech Report from ContinuumCloud, we explored the current state of the employee experience and client experience at behavioral health and human services organizations. More than 350 industry leaders from organizations across the nation weighed in with their insights and expertise. Their input provides a snapshot of opportunities, challenges, and strategies for success within this space. Here are the top three themes that emerged in the 2021 Work Tech Report findings:

1. Employees Expressed Optimism for the Future

There’s a lot of optimism among employees right now. That was reflected both in how they rated the employee experience and the client experience. The vast majority of human services professionals rated their organization as “good” or “excellent” in each of these categories. However, both the client and employee experiences were rated as top areas that could be improved as well. Human services leaders can view this as an indicator that while they’re doing a good job now, a mindset of continuous improvement is needed to continue to progress in these areas.

2. Technology is the Foundation of Our Experience

While there was positive sentiment about the overall experience, ratings of the technology used at work were less than stellar. The Net Promoter Score was negative overall for the technology used at behavioral health and human services organizations. In many cases, employee reported that they’re using as many as five different systems each to handle their HCM and EHR needs. The report also showed a positive correlation between ratings of technology and ratings of the client and employee experiences. As technology plays an increasingly integral role in everything from clocking in at work to caring for clients, the research suggests that investments in better technology solutions can provide meaningful return in improving the employee and client experiences at these organizations.

3. Automation is the Key to Sustainable Growth

Looking at the operational aspect of organizations, there was a high level of confidence in the organization’s ability to manage processes as things stand right now. About 55% of industry leaders indicated that they currently use digital tools to automate workflows and processes. However, only half of organizations feel confident in their ability to scale effectively to meet growing demand. And, as industry leaders are well aware, demand for behavioral health and human services has only continued to grow over the years. As leaders look ahead and plan for a sustainable future, technology – and the automation of workflows and processes that it enables – can clear the path to better care.

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For more information on these trends and additional details on how technology is shaping the behavioral health and human services landscape, download your complimentary copy of the 2021 Work Tech Report, courtesy of ContinuumCloud.

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