Top Three DATIS Blogs of 2020

As another year winds down, it’s time to take a look back at some of our most popular blogs from the year. Here are the top three articles from the DATIS blog for you to enjoy this holiday season.

1.How to Implement a New HRIS

If nothing else, 2020 has been a year of transformation for a lot of organizations, and the right technology can help you achieve your goals. An HRIS, or HR and Payroll system, is integral to your workforce operations, enables better talent acquisition and retention, and provides a better way to manage your workforce. Increasingly, organizations are discovering that this technology is well worth the investment as HR and Payroll software enables better financial sustainability across the company. In this blog, we discuss the steps involved in implementing a new HRIS, as this is the process that will ultimately set you up for your success with your new technology investment.

2.What is Position Control?

If you’re not already familiar with Position Control, it’s time to change that. For human services organizations, this unique tool can serve as a “secret weapon” that enables better workforce visibility so you can optimize operations and maximize resources. Position Control is a workforce management solution that organizes your workforce by position rather than employee, and it’s at the heart of our HR and Payroll solution here at DATIS. You can learn more about the power of Position Control and what it can do for your organization in this helpful overview.

3.Five Workforce Management Tips for Uncertain Times

As we continue to prepare and adjust course for an uncertain future, this blog on how to manage your workforce during uncertain times is still as timely as ever. From increasing communication to providing more recognition of your staff, discover some of the top strategies you can use at your organization to help manage as we progress toward an unfamiliar future of work.

Looking for More Resources?

Want more resources on workforce management as you look ahead to 2021? Check out our 2021 Transformation Toolkit for a curated collection of guides, blogs, and webinars that can help provide the information and guidance you need to plan for a successful and sustainable new year in 2021.

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