Top Attractions in St. Louis for NatCon24 Attendees

While you’re in town for NatCon24, make the most of your time by visiting some of these must-see attractions and top-rated restaurants in the area. Plus, check out this interactive map of St. Louis to help you see where everything is located in relation to the America’s Center Convention Complex and the NatCon24 headquarter hotel.

Top Attractions in St. Louis

Gateway Arch National Park - 4 min drive

When visiting the Gateway Arch National Park, you can enjoy a range of experiences. Take a tram ride to the top of the Arch for panoramic views of the city and the Mississippi River or explore the on-site museum!

Forest Park – 11 min drive

Forest Park is considered one of the best urban parks in the country! With over 30 miles of walking and biking trails you can enjoy a leisurely stroll and nature walks. Within the park you can also visit the St. Louis Art Museum, Zoo, History Museum, and Science Center.

St. Louis Union Station – 8 min drive

For lovers of history and architecture, you can experience the iconic landmark built in 1894. The Union Station also has a dynamic mix of shops, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment options.

Missouri Botanical Garden – 10 min drive

Explore over 6.5 million plants and an array of themed gardens at the Missouri Botanical Garden spanning over 79 acres. You can enjoy guided tours and amenities such as cafés, gift shops, and walking paths for relaxation.

Ballpark Village – 4 min drive

For sports enthusiasts, Ballpark Village is adjacent to Busch Stadium, the iconic home to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Grab a bite to eat or shop for sports memorabilia. There is always something to do in this lively district, especially on game days!

National Blues Museum – 2 min drive

Soak in the rich history and legacy of blues music at the National Blues Museum. Located in a restored historic building, explore pivotal moments in the genre’s history and its cultural significance.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis – 13 min drive

Whether you are admiring the stunning architecture or enjoying the peaceful sanctuary inside, the Cathedral has a museum you can visit and guided tours. Find out how it earned the nickname “the Rome of the West”.

The Fabulous Fox Theatre – 11 min drive

Catch “The Book of Mormon” at this historic landmark and premiere venue. You can get tickets for Sunday, April 14th at 1pm or 6:30pm. If you can’t catch a show, it’s still a must-visit destination.

Let’s Eat!

There's something for everyone in the City of St. Louis. Whether you want a quick bite or you're ready to explore the most exclusive restaurants around town, here are some options worth considering - all within about a 30-minute drive from the convention center.

  • Grand Hall at St. Louis Union Station (American & Small Plates) – 8 min drive
  • Broadway Oyster Bar (Seafood) – 5 min drive
  • BLT’s – Breakfast, Lunch and Tacos (American & Mexican Comfort Food) – 2 min drive
  • Bally Sports Live! (Sports bar) – 4 min drive
  • 1904 Steak House at River City Casino & Hotel (Steakhouse) – 15 min drive
  • Anthonino’s Taverna (Italian) – 18 min drive
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory (Italian) – 4 min drive
  • Hamilton’s Urban Steakhouse & Bourbon Bar (Steakhouse) – 10 min drive
  • Peacemaker Lobster & Crab (Seafood) – 12 min drive
  • Sugarfire Smoke House (BBQ) – 2 min drive
  • Salt + Smoke (BBQ) – 4 min drive
  • Sauce on the Side (Handmade Calzones) – 12 min drive
  • Big Sky Café (American) – 16 min drive

Plus, if you want a convenient pick-me-up while you’re at NatCon24, make sure you visit the “ContinuumCloud Coffee Shop” attached to the convention center for a free coffee, courtesy of ContinuumCloud!

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