The Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Carlos Lozano

As 2017 begins, it’s a great time to reflect on the popular topics and trends of 2016. Each year, DATIS provides leaders in the Health and Human Services industry with original content that focuses on leadership, finance, technology, and workforce management. This content enables our readers to stay on top of industry trends and share best practices.

Explore the top 10 DATIS blogs of 2016 below:

10. The Drive Towards Digital – New technological advances in the workplace are transforming organizations in terms of their systems, processes, and people. Discover what strategies you will need to put in place in order to keep pace with the evolution of the industry.

9. Cutting Time: Three Ways to Shorten the Hiring Process – Many organizations will agree that improvements can be made to their hiring process. Learn about three distinct ways that your organization can shorten the amount of time spent on hiring, without sacrificing quality.

8. Retaining Your Team with Career Development – Have you noticed that employee retention is becoming increasingly difficult? Learn how you can retain your team more effectively by leveraging career development initiatives.

7. The Pros of Pay for Performance – Do you have an incentive program in place to ensure that your employees are engaged and performing to their full ability? Discover how to use pay for performance to improve productivity, recruitment, and retention.

6. How Productive is Overtime? – On average, employees in the United States are working 47 hours per week. These additional hours are viewed as a necessity to accomplish the tasks at hand, but could the tasks get accomplished in 40 hours without having to endure unexpected, and unnecessary, labor costs?

5. The Dawn of the CLO – There’s a new chief in town and they specialize in making sure your employees are consistently learning and developing professionally. Learn more about the increasingly popular position that is the Chief Learning Officer and discover how this position can make a difference for your organization.

4. Mending the Gap: Overcoming Understaffing – Between high turnover rates and early retirement, keeping a fully staffed Human Services organization is becoming increasingly difficult. Follow the three strategies identified in this article to maintain proper staffing levels and continue to provide a high quality of care.

3. The Neighborhood Approach to Improving Employee Relations – Working as a collaborative team within an organization has proven to be key for effectively driving results. Implement the four facets of the neighborhood approach in order to build a positive workplace culture where employees feel at home.

2. 4 Workforce Management Changes to Expect in 2017 – While there are many uncertainties about what 2017 may bring for businesses, there are some workforce management changes we can expect. Learn about the top 4 challenges that you may face this year.

1. HR vs. Finance: Why Can’t We Be Friends? – A grueling and long-fought rivalry takes place everyday at your organization; HR vs Finance. Learn how you can bridge the gap between these two departments and enable them to work together to drive positive, measurable business outcomes.

Thank you for a fantastic year of sharing industry insights and best practices. We look forward to providing you with more top blogs in 2017 that can enable help your organization continue on the path to innovation and growth. Stay up to date in 2017 by signing up for our Monthly Thought Leadership Newsletter and receiving one of our top blogs each month.

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