Streamline Your Operations with Position Control


Putting a Position Control system in place can help you not just manage the people that make up your workforce, but also the operations and procedures that enable your organization to function on a day-to-day basis.

In a previous article, we explored how Position Control can help HR create a smooth recruiting and onboarding process, which can shorten time-to-hire and help new hires maintain high levels of engagement at work. We also explored how a Position Control system can help manage credentials automatically, ensuring compliance with licensure and other regulatory requirements. But the benefits of having a Position Control system in place go well beyond these applications. It can help with:

  • Improved Communication – Position Control provides a unified platform for all of your HR and Payroll needs. What this means is that you also have an organization-wide system that can be used to quickly and easily communicate across different departments or throughout the organization.
  • Collaboration Across Departments – Position Control organizes the workforce by position, enabling you to view and understand the structure through an organizational chart. This can be beneficial for creating cross-functional teams and enabling better collaboration across departments.
  • Tracking Organizational Performance – How well is Department A doing versus Department B? Position Control lets you drill-down to a granular level at not just labor costs and allocations, but also productivity and performance. Being able to see which areas of an organization are performing best and which ones could use some improvements helps you understand how your organization is doing and where it’s heading.
  • Setting Goals for Growth – Getting a bird’s eye view of your workforce and how it’s operating can help you make smart business decisions that drive your organization forward. By providing a single source of truth for all of your workforce data, Position Control lets you take a proactive approach in determining the strategic direction of your organization.

With a Position Control system in place, your entire workforce can operate more effectively, contributing to a better workplace culture, higher levels of employee engagement, and more productive employees. When business is going smoothly, you can focus more on the people that make your organization so successful, taking care of the people that take care of the individuals you serve.

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