Making a Difference With a Diverse Workforce

Erik Marsh

Over the past 30 years, the United States of America has made some incredible strides in the workplace. Today, organizations continue to evolve to meet the needs of the modern workforce. The workplace has quickly become a multicultural and multigenerational environment in which it is important for today’s staffing initiatives. Understanding these trends can help organizations achieve their goals and continue to stride towards progression.

Diversity in the Workforce

In 2016, the typical U.S. workforce is made up of different ethnicities, genders, generations, and sexualities. Traditional workforce demographics have drastically transformed, leaving HR departments to face new challenges regarding compliance, workplace culture, and overall cohesiveness. Initiatives regarding workforce management and culture have become stepping stones for senior leadership to achieve success. In fact, a diverse workplace can make a measurable difference in organizational collaboration and innovation, delivering a multitude of benefits that produce positive business outcomes.

The Three Main Benefits

According to a report by SHRM, 41% of managers say they are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives. However, considering the vast benefits provided by a diverse workforce, organizations might want to begin prioritizing their workforce management strategies.

  • Increasing Productivity: Employing personnel of different backgrounds can add competitive advantages within the workplace. With a diverse staff, new skills and techniques are brought together to unify and strengthen teams and organizations. Different talents working together can help organizations achieve common goals while offering new services and appealing to a broader range of clients. Diversity fosters development and expansion.
  • Problem Solving: Many people have their own approach to solving problems. It’s extremely valuable to have different employees working together. Organizations are able to establish new ideas and solutions when different minds come together to brainstorm. With a variety of employees working together, new processes can be created when challenges arise. 
  • Building Reputation: Adding diversity to an organization’s workforce inherently builds synergy, creating a sense of purpose which increases overall employee engagement. As a result, organizations experience high employee morale that can establish great workplace culture. Building a good employer brand can help attract new talent while retaining existing talent.

Managing the Difference

It’s imperative to understand the importance of a diverse workforce along with the struggles that come with it. However, with a workforce management software, executives have visibility into their teams, which gives HR and executives the ability to help monitor and manage employee performances. With a transforming workforce, it’s time to embrace changes to our workplace diversity and use them to your organization’s advantage. Begin diversifying your staff to drive growth and innovation within your organization today.

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