Leveraging Tech for Your DE&I Efforts

Today, we have more tools at our disposal for enabling our D&I initiatives than ever before. Technology is rapidly evolving, and finding ways to innovate and leverage technology to suit our organizational needs can help set us up for success.

Before you go searching online for D&I software, consider first that a standalone system is unlikely to be an effective tool that will be able to make a true impact for your organization. Instead, think about some of the technology you’re already using that employees at all levels of your organization use and rely on. Your email system may be an easy example that comes to mind. And this tool can be used to communicate important messages, to send out employee surveys, and so on.

But if we dig a little deeper than that (because we know D&I requires much more than just communication), we can find a lot of solutions within the right HR and Payroll software. Here at DATIS, our unified HR and Payroll platform is piece of software that everyone at the organization uses. Employees use it to record hours, submit timesheets, and view paystubs, so everyone is already logging into this system on a regular basis. In fact, the DATIS solution is designed to address every stage of the employee lifecycle, making it an invaluable resource for various D&I initiatives we’ve already discussed.

Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Management

In a previous blog exploring diversity and inclusion, we talked about the recruiting process and the importance of eliminating bias as much as possible and incorporating multiple and diverse decision makers. Multiply that process by the number of open positions you have, as well as multiple candidates per position, and that can become a mess really quickly without a human resource system to manage your recruiting. The DATIS solution makes recruiting management easy by putting all applicants in one place and allowing for composite rating. You can track the progress and ensure each decision maker has weighed in to ensure a fair and consistent process across the board.

Company News and Shout Outs

Looking at the employee experience, the DATIS solution provides Company News that enables easier communication across the organization and within departments. Employees “like” and comment on stories, helping to include everyone in important company updates and providing that important sense of belonging. Alongside news articles, the ‘Shout Outs’ section enables peer-to-peer recognition, helping to build camaraderie among colleagues and celebrate each other’s successes. These may seem like small, unimportant details; however, they can go a long way when incorporated into your strategies to cultivate a culture of inclusiveness and connection.

Performance Management, Metrics & Reporting

The DATIS solution also makes it easy to create an equitable process for performance management. Automating performance reviews and setting reminders helps ensure no one is missed or overlooked for these important development meetings. Using metrics to rate employee performance and identify areas of improvement can also help create a consistent process for all employees. But what really shows us how we’re doing with ensuring equity is through the actual numbers. The DATIS solution also provides robust reporting capabilities that show all types of workforce trends. Things like compensation trends and pay rates by position can help us get a clear picture of where we could use some improvement as well.

Providing a Comprehensive HR and Payroll System

The DATIS platform is uniquely designed in a way that nicely aligns with D&I initiatives. As an end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle, it has the ability to impact every member of your workforce at all levels of the organization – in a way that’s fair and consistent. But more importantly, as a unified human resource system, the DATIS platform is able to provide a single source of truth that lets you take a hard look at the numbers and improve your D&I strategy based on real metrics.

Diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging aren’t just nice-to-haves these days. They’ve become a business imperative for ensuring the success of each employee within the organization as well as the organization as a whole. If you’d like to learn more about how the DATIS solution can help bring your D&I efforts to life through effective workforce management, contact us today.

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