HR Software for Nonprofits and Organizations with a Social Mission

HR and Payroll software is essential for any organization that wants to efficiently manage its workforce. But finding HR software that’s suitable for nonprofits and other organizations with social missions has historically been challenging. At DATIS, we recognized that a gap existed between what social organizations needed and what off-the-shelf HR software was currently offering. That’s why we made it our mission to bridge this gap, developing HR software that was intentionally designed for nonprofits and other organizations with similar needs.

Because we specialize in the Health and Human Services space, we are much better positioned to address the unique needs of your industry. The types of Health and Human Services organizations we serve include:

Just some of the ways in which our HR and Payroll software serves nonprofits and social organizations include:

Regulatory compliance

Nonprofits and social organizations need to stay on top of ever-changing local, state, and federal regulations. And in many cases, monitoring and managing the credentials of their front-line employees is also a top priority. These capabilities are built into our HR and Payroll software, helping to automate these administrative tasks so you can focus on your organization's mission.

Reporting on funding sources

Nonprofits and others with a social mission often have to manage requirements or limitations set by the individual funding sources. Being able to map costs and spending to each funding source and report back to those funders is an essential capability your organization needs from HR software.

Position Control

This is the foundation of our software, which provides must-have benefits for nonprofits and organizations with a social mission. By organizing your workforce by position rather than by employee, Position Control enables greater visibility into your workforce. As employees join, leave, or move throughout your organization, you’ll be able to maintain a bird’s eye view of your workforce and ensure you’re always within budget.

Of course, our software handles much more than this as well, with applicant tracking, credential management, time and attendance, and many other features built in as well. This all-in-one unified solution provides a complete suite of HR and Payroll tools that enable organizations like yours to achieve their mission. Learn more about how our HR software helps nonprofits and other organizations like yours by contacting DATIS today.

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