How DATIS Practices Self-Care at Home

Here at DATIS, we’ve now completed ten weeks of being a fully remote workforce. It’s been quite a change for everyone here, and we’ve been powering through – creating new routines and habits for working at home. In light of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we decided to tap into our workforce to share some of our employees’ strategies for practicing self-care while dealing with this new normal. We recently shared some of these tips on social media, and in case you missed it, here’s a collection of all of our self-care suggestions.

1. Get Outdoors

Our Marketing Coordinator, Skyler, takes her dog on a walk every night after logging off. She says it gets his energy out (as you can see), clears her mind, and creates a routine.

2. Organize Your Space

“I reset the house (most importantly the kitchen) before going to bed every night. This helps to wake up not immediately walking into chaos. No matter how tired I am!” Lezlie, our Product Manager, shares this helpful tip.

Alyssa, our Director of Talent and Culture, also took the time to create a dedicated office space with a very “zen” aesthetic. This helps her stay organized and focused while at home.

3. Explore New (or Existing) Hobbies

While we all continue to work full-time, we’ve still found time to explore our hobbies. Stephanie, our Marketing Operations Manager, creates charcuterie boards in her free time. It helps her de-stress and unleash her creative side. This one she made for Mother’s Day.

Alicia, our Multimedia Designer, enjoys hobbies like woodworking, baking, and DIY projects around the house. And Peggy, one of our Solution Specialists, has been taking the time to read more. “I read a lot. My Kindle is my best friend!”

4. Take Time to Decompress

“I used to use my commute as decompression time. Now, I have the kids take a quiet time so I can have some alone time. Or, I take them on a walk or bike ride at night.” Katie, a Solution Specialist here at DATIS shares this helpful tip on how she creates time for herself, even while balancing the demands of work and parenting.

Alyssa also mentioned that she has started meditating. “I was having a hard time transitioning from work mode to home mode since I wasn’t leaving the house.” She says meditation has helped her calm her mind and fall asleep faster. Alicia adds that journaling and gratitude are great options that she enjoys as well.

5. Stay Active

Our Marketing Director MJ tries to get something active in every day. “Sometimes it’s just a slow walk with the pups, sometimes a bike ride, sometimes an at-home boxing class! It helps me relieve stress and reset.”

Ian also likes to get outside and get active on the weekends. “We love kayaking the many rivers and coastal areas around each weekend. Favorite spot has to be Chassahowitzka River, pictured here with our pup.”

Self-Care is as Unique as You

You probably noticed a lot of overlap between these various tips. Going for a walk or a run is a great way to stay active while also getting some time outdoors. This can also be a great time to clear your mind and decompress. Diving into a project at the house can help you dig into something that you can feel accomplished about, while also helping to improve and organize your home. Having a designated office space to start and leave work each day helps build a routine to avoid burnout.

There are also plenty of options out there that we didn’t mention here. There’s a reason jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring books, and bicycles are all seeing a surge in sales right now. Many people are finding a great escape through Netflix, and Google’s also noted a surge in searches for recipes, bread, and guided meditation. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to self-care, and that’s the great thing about it. You’re free to choose the types of activities and strategies that work best for you. What types of self-care practices appeal most to you?

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