Family Engagement BEFORE Substance Use Treatment

Importance of Family Engagement Before Substance Use Treatment  

Every family unit is unique and the best way to approach family engagement when it comes to addiction treatment will differ with every patient seeking treatment. Family members play a critical role in the recovery of their loved one. They’re involved in all phases, from identifying treatment programs through post-treatment support. Oftentimes family members feel overlooked and ill-equipped to support their loved one. 

When seeking treatment, it can be overwhelming for families to make informed decisions about which treatment facility is best for them and their loved one. CaredFor provides treatment facilities with in-app features where families can gain access to resources about what to expect if their loved one enters that specific program. They can also find self-care tips and information about commonly asked questions, like how to set healthy boundaries with their loved one and how to support without enabling.  

CaredFor Connect is an SMS/text messaging feature that allows facilities to provide free education and resources to prospective referral sources around a variety of topics related to substance use disorders. Treatment facilities can sign up potential patients’ families and subscribers will begin receiving valuable content including: inspirational quotes, videos, links and media resources. This positions the facility as a go-to expert in the community on substance use disorders and provides valuable content to families seeking treatment for loved ones. 

The survey feature of the  CaredFor app  is another way to engage potential patients’ families. By asking questions like:

  • Rate your relationship with your loved one suffering from addiction.
  • When do you anticipate that your loved one might be ready to seek treatment?
  • Rate the effectiveness of your current support system.

Treatment facilities can gauge interest and determine how likely or how soon a potential patient may admit to their facility, allowing for tailored content and communication with those potential patients’ families based on answers from the survey. 

CaredFor provides an always-on resource for family members to connect with others who are also supporting someone in recovery. Additional features such as the “Explore” section of the app, which contains videos, podcasts, articles, links and books provides ongoing education and support for family members. 

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