Encouraging Innovation Governance

Phil Krison

For many organizations in the Health & Human Services industry, making company-wide change can mean spending valuable time and resources on searching for solutions, implementing, and adopting new processes. According to Deloitte "Nearly 75% of business leaders stated that their current state of work environments are "Complex to Very Complex", making the ability to implement company-wide changes a difficult undertaking. However, by establishing a standard set of guidelines to continuously improve quality, employees are able to contribute to the organization’s mission and focus. In order to encourage rejuvenation through organizational change, consider the following three strategies.

Define the Innovation Process
Executive management can create an organizational plan for decision power lines, communication procedures, expectations, and budgets. Building a routine for making improvements will eliminate the burden on employees having to a new project plan template each time. Additionally, promoting creativity in the workplace allows for every member of your workforce to voice their opinions and ideas on how to improve processes and activities. Along with the promotion of an innovative workplace, it will also become important to set clear and defined metrics to evaluate the impact of these specific innovation plans.  For example, measuring vacancy time and daily lost revenue per position will show the effectiveness of a new recruiting and on-boarding process.

Benchmark with Industry Leaders
Innovation governance promotes the sharing of business ideas internally and externally for the advancement of specific organizations and industries alike. While new concepts and ideas can come from within the organization, it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel in order to gain a new perspective. Using relevant, third party references to assist in ‘open-source innovation’ allows thought leaders to access true results from how other organizations have evolved. Building on pre-existing technologies and ideas can reveal new opportunities that the organization could be focusing on. Subscribing to newsletters, blogs, and industry journals, as well as maintaining business networks, keeps business leaders informed on new ideas to help drive business results.

Implement with Performance in Mind
Choosing the best strategy to implement a new idea, or improve an existing one, can be time-consuming. However, ensuring these new ideas fit properly into current processes takes precision and care. Creating effective, cross-functional innovations often requires multiple departments to devote resources for correct implementation. Without a scheduled plan for each step of implementation, many unanticipated challenges can arise. Taking the effort to properly implement new procedures and ideas can determine whether it succeeds or not.

Constant improvement is what drives organizations to grow and evolve. Innovation governance is starting to make its mark on industry leaders within the healthcare space. Sustain your organization’s innovation by considering the adoption of modern solutions to drive your workforce to success.

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