Top Features to Have in HR Software For Nonprofits

With numerous HR software solutions on the market today, finding the right one can be challenging. Each platform offers a different series of features and functionality that may be perfect for one organization but completely inadequate for the next. In particular, nonprofits and other human services organizations have a unique set of workforce management challenges, and finding an HR software solution that addresses all of their needs can be difficult – especially since most software is designed for a traditional, revenue-focused corporation. 

Where does that leave nonprofits in their search for HR software? It’s important for human services organizations to evaluate their needs and determine which features they need to operate efficiently. At DATIS, we’ve designed a unified HR and Payroll software solution that’s uniquely tailored to meet the needs of health and human services organizations. Our end-to-end solution has all of the top features that nonprofits need to achieve their strategic mission.

The Right HR Software for Nonprofits Addresses Key Challenges

The right HR software provides the solutions you need for your nonprofit and is flexible enough to adjust to your organizational structure – not the other way around. Powered by Position Control, HR and Payroll software from DATIS enables nonprofits and human services organizations with solutions for recruiting and retention, reporting, budgeting, and maintaining compliance.

Recruiting and Retention

The health and human services industry often deals with higher-than-average turnover rates. Pair this with challenges finding qualified applicants as well, and maintaining staffing levels can become a top challenge for any nonprofit or human services organization. The right HR software for nonprofits should include an integrated applicant tracking system that makes it easy to post jobs, review applicants, and get input from all decision-makers in one place. Ideally, the candidate’s information from the applicant tracking system will then flow seamlessly into the employee file after an offer is accepted and onboarding begins. Keeping all of this information in one place helps reduce the rekeying of information to save on time and paperwork so you can focus on providing a positive onboarding experience.

Your HR software should also include features that help with your retention efforts through employee engagement and development. As your workforce management platform, HR software is an ideal place for recognition, goal setting, and professional development. A built-in recognition system can enable coworkers and managers alike to recognize individual and group contributions in a way that the entire organization can see and celebrate. On a more individual level, nonprofits can benefit from having features like goal setting, employee reviews, and professional development plans that are tied directly to the employee file. Having all of this data in one place not only helps keep things organized and easy to find; it also creates a single source of truth for the organization to rely on. 

Reporting Back to Funders

Unlike major corporations with high profit margins, nonprofits must report back to funders and ensure each funding stream is being allocated appropriately. This means being able to find, organize, and provide the right information to the right people. For larger nonprofit organizations especially, this can be a rather complex process, as individual employees may split their time between programs, programs may have multiple funding streams, and so on. With our Position Control-based software, organizations are able to easily track down and report on where each dollar is going so they can report back to funders and justify their costs.

Improved Visibility to Enhance Efficiency

With big-picture analytics and drill-down reporting both available through our HR and Payroll solution, executives have better visibility than ever into their workforce. Inefficiencies can be spotted at a glance and addressed proactively to ensure each program, department, and location is able to maximize resources and allocate time effectively. This visibility is essential for organizations to ensure they’re operating in an efficient and financially sustainable manner so that they’ll be able to continue providing essential services now and in the future.

Managing Budgets and Planning Effectively

The enhanced visibility that Position Control provides also means that executives are better able to manage their budgets by measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of various programs and departments. Position Control also enables organizations to compare budgeted versus actual costs for better budget planning throughout the year. This information can be helpful for prioritizing hiring as well as preventing over-hiring to ensure the organization always maintains budget compliance.

Maintaining Compliance

In addition to budget compliance, HR software that’s designed for nonprofits should also help organizations maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Our timekeeping system is set up to provide you with the flexibility you need while still maintaining compliance. With options that include geofencing so employees can clock in and out from the field and onsite timekeeping for those in the office, our time and attendance feature allows you to effectively manage your dispersed workforce in a way that maintains compliance without hindering your operations.

At DATIS, our unified HR and Payroll system ties time and attendance directly into payroll and is able to automate deductions, wage differentials, and more to ensure accuracy every payroll. We even handle your taxes for you, providing you with peace of mind for your compliance concerns, and enabling you to focus on your people and processes rather than on unnecessary paperwork.

Credential compliance is also built into our HR and Payroll software for nonprofits, ensuring employees meet all credential requirements before they can fill the position. Our system then sets reminders when credentials are due up for renewal, ensuring compliance for all of your employees automatically.

SaaS HRIS Software from DATIS

At DATIS, we’re more than just an HR and Payroll company. As a SaaS provider, we offer a true partnership to help nonprofits and similar human services organizations achieve their mission. Because we specialize exclusively in serving the needs of health and human services organizations, we’re able to provide targeted and tailored solutions. Our end-to-end HR and Payroll platform addresses the entire employee lifecycle for your nonprofit organization. Powered by Position Control, our unified platform encompasses recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, time and attendance, payroll, talent management, business intelligence, and HR management.

If you’d like to learn more about our HR and Payroll software and how it’s designed specifically for nonprofits like yours, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a brief demo that shows our solution in action.


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