Thanksgiving Workforce Lessons

Erik Marsh

Thanksgiving Workforce Lessons

With the long weekend, families and friends gathering, and copious amounts of food, Thanksgiving has always been a way to reflect and appreciate the different aspects of our life. With the end of the year quickly approaching, it’s around Thanksgiving when people begin to reflect on the year. For organizations, this is the time executives begin analyzing their workforce processes and inefficiencies.

Although these analyses are critical to running an organization, they are not the only benefit Thanksgiving can bring to office. There are many valuable lessons Thanksgiving can teach us in the workplace, including the following:

Being Thankful for Workplace Rights
A positive workplace is crucial for an organization’s success. Over many years there has been remarkable strides to improve the standard workplace. However, it can be easy to neglect the strides we’ve made when we think about where we wish the regulations were. With laws to reduce workforce issues and ensure equal opportunities, it’s important to remember and be appreciative of the changes. These advances establish a safe and productive workplace for all employees.

Being Thankful for Synergy
Family is the most celebrated aspect of our lives on Thanksgiving. However, it’s easy to forget the people we spend nearly 2,000 hours a year with. Being an employee means being a part of a team that works together through the good and bad times. It’s imperative for executives to create and establish a collaborative environment that promotes solidarity between employees and can help organizations flourish.

Being Thankful for Feedback
A very beneficial and somewhat under-utilized tool is open evaluations and feedback. This resource is imperative for the entire organization, and is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Looking back on 2016 can help organizations thrive in identifying certain workplace and workforce initiatives.

During the holiday season it's common to see an increase in workforce stress. Therefore, it’s essential to be thankful and express gratitude towards all employees at your organization. Although there are everyday lessons organizations can learn from, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for employees to reflect and appreciate what works, while also establishing new initiatives.

This year, take the time to learn the valuable Thanksgiving workforce lessons that this holiday offers many organizations and begin striving for new organizational goals.

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